Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pryderi Factions

Ever since the faeries started choosing five pryderans to represent them to the matriarch and patriarch, most faeries have banded together to ensure they would have someone to represent their geographic area.  As years passed, they chose names for themselves.


The Inviernens live at the top of the mountain the glacier.  Generally very strong fliers due to living with the high winds on daily basis.  Most get their magic from both water and the moon.  The Matriarch Chandra hails from the Inviernens.  From their vantage point, they see all of Atazia and favor none of it, though are often disconnected from daily events.


The Solaran's live among the rocks and sand where there is no shade and above high tide.  They get their magic from the sun.  They are able to focus sunlight like a magnifying glass enough to make glass.  Solaran's are often direct, their offensive magic is very versatile, light, fire and life.  They often forget the advantages others can provide.


The Delalbero live in the forest clustered on the southern slope of the mountain.  They get most of their magic from a tree or trees and a small amount from the sun.  Until recently, they were large enough to choose two Pryderan's simultaneously.  When a large group split off to form the Veneficus, the formerly tranquil Delalbero became angry and bitter.


The newest group, they split from the Delalbero over subtle differences in their magic.  While most is the same, growth, they get it from fungal farms.  Instead of the sun, they shape their plants with magic from the earth.  The split was not amicable and a number of Veneficus were very resentful of all faeries on Atazia.


The relaxed Fiorens at the bottom of the mountain hold the most gatherings.  Their gardens give them mastery of beauty, and what is the value of beauty if you can't share it?  They have little physical control over the island and try to make up for it by making allies with all other groups.


This group has been devastated by the Gorrock.  Formerly in control of all weather from their mastery of the surrounding seas, they now reside in a small pond in the meadow.  Most of the survivors have left to live in other parts of the island and joined other groups.

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