Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The faerie society on Atazia is self governed and has evolved over the years.  Below is a look at some of the posts.

Maedera and Derarch

These two positions work together to provide wisdom and guidance and act as judges.  When necessary, they mobilize the community and make decisions as their rulers.

The maedera is always female and the derarch, male.  They are chosen for life.


This role evolved into the Maedera and Derarch.  The faerie in this position functions as the King or Queen of the faeries.  Their power is limited as a new one is chosen annually by consensus.


A messenger or enforcer for the Vedhrik, Maedera or Derarch.  Loyal and able to handle themselves in a fight.


A dhrik sometimes needs assistance, and has a couple of trusted friends available at all times for backup.


Chosen annually, they function as advisors to the Maedera and Derarch in all matters.   Similar to a congressman, Pryderans propose and argue over rules.

Any faerie can declare interest at the selection.  The five with the most support are made into a Pryderan.  Ever since each  faction started choosing one faerie to support ahead of time, the selection has become a formality.  Only five declare interest and all are made Pryderan.


Not a post per se.  The pryderi is the name of the collection of Pryderans.  Similar to a congress.


This is a temporary role, given to faeries that have announced they wish to join the selection for Maedera, Derarch or Pryderan.


Self appointed for life, absolute dictator.

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